• Affordable Quality Eyewear

    #fomoeyewear was created after we became increasingly frustrated at the price of high quality lenses and the selection of sunglasses available. After losing or breaking one too many pairs of expensive sunglasses we decided to explore the costs of making our own. It was no surprise to find out that great quality sunglasses and top of the line eye protection didn’t need to come with such a hefty price tag, so we decided to try and look into creating our own affordable range of polarised sunglasses.

  • Polarised | 100% UV Protection

    We spent 6 months working with suppliers and factories. Our main concern was to make sure the lenses were high quality and provided 100% UV protection, but we also wanted to go that bit further and use polarised lenses. After testing different materials we decided to use the Triacetate Cellulose (TAC) polarised process, which is a multi-layer lens that is extremely light, yet also highly impact resistant. It shuts out 100% of the light you don’t want and allows in 100% of the light that you do want!

  • ERGONOMICS & Durability

    The frames had to be comfortable, that was really important to us – but we also wanted them to be durable and strong. Therefore we decided to make our frames using polycarbonate as it is such a tough material that offers some serious impact resistance. The only problem was that we didn’t like the finish, until we discovered the rubberised coating that you now find on our frames. The rubber coating makes the polycarbonate more ergonomic and comfortable, yet it still maintains a scratch resistant finish. Perfect!!

#Fomo Eyewear Fans | Testimonials!

Read what our customers have to say about our sunglasses

I can’t believe the quality you get for the price point. Great value! I wore mine this weekend and got loads of comments!‬ Sara Gilbert - Hong Kong
Love these, I use them to drive in but they are so comfy I now use them as part of my running kit. They look so good we were asked to have our pics taken for a local charity at a colour run‬. Tonie Armstrong – UK
Great value for money and glasses to have fun with! Great for gifts for friends and family and fantastic for corporate events where you get the option to tailor make! #gottalovefomos‬ Maria Lynn - Hong Kong
The only fashion accessory you need for the summer… awesome range of colours to match your clothes, durable and at a price that won’t break the bank. Love em! Shaan Shivdasani – Hong Kong
I love my Fomos. I have 3 different pairs to match my mood or the bikini I’m wearing that day to the beach! Caroline Antonacci – US
I use my Fomo’s 365 days a year here in Dubai and I love them! I have loads of different colours and always getting comments from people asking where they are from! Katie Nykanen – Dubai
I love the iridescence of these sunnies – I’ve got 3 pairs in different colours and just love them! Love the silky soft finish – they’re comfortable and easy on the eye, even easier on the wallet! Thanks to the team @ Fomo Eyewear for creating these awesome shades, they’re the bomb! #ToocoolforSkhool #FomoEyewearShadesRule‬ Heidi von Creytz - Hong Kong
10/10 for lens quality, style, comfort and value for money. I love mine and have several pairs in different colours, would highly recommend these sunnies Jaymi Murphy - UK
Love love love my #fomo’s. Perfect for the hot African summers. Nicky Wood – South Africa
Amazing glasses at great price. Adds style and fun looking cool. Love my fomo glasses. #musthavefomo‬ Stuart Bird - Bali
Fomo Eyewear is used all the way in Finland where sun definitely does not shine throughout the year! Loved by my kids!‬Lilli Nykanen
My Fomo’s are the most durable and stylish sunglasses I own. They are perfect every day wear. I have 2 boys who love them as much as I do and I can’t wait to see the childrens collection. Lynette Shaw
Fomo sunglasses are perfect for the person with an active lifestyle – boating, hiking, swimming. They are very well made, I have dropped mine so many times and my kids have dropped them more, still perfect. The bright colours are great so you can actually find them. We love our #fomos, can’t wait for the kids version! Leigh Tsang – Hong Kong
Fantastic glasses, great value. I’ll definitely be recommending them! Neil Murphy – UK

Laura and Dan Shepherd

| Founders

“It’s been a lot of work and there’s so much more to come. We have really enjoyed where this journey has taken us so far and hope you will be a part of it’s future!”